Dads FAQ

Q. Who can join?
A. Whether you stay at home full time or work while you take care of the family during the day, if you consider yourself a stay-at-home dad, you are welcome to join.

Q. Why join?
A. This is a great opportunity to meet other dads who are at home with their kids. We learn from each other, we help each other out, and we build friendships that make us better dads who are happier in what we do. It is also a place for your children to learn to play and socialize together.

Q. Is my baby too young to join?
A. Many dads join when they begin staying at home with their infants. It really helps you as you get used to your new role, and in a few months your baby will be sitting and crawling at playgroup with the other children.

Q. What kind of activities do you have?
A. We have weekly playgroups, meet-ups during the week organized by member dads (trips to playgrounds, museums, the zoo, etc.) and every so often we manage to get the night off and do a Dad’s Night Out.   

Q. How do I join?
A. To join the NOVA/Annapolis Dads Yahoo group, click here. To join the Montgomery County Dads BigTent group, click here.   

Q. Which group do I join?
You can join whichever one you wish. There are no official boundaries.

Q. My child's eating/sleep schedule makes getting out difficult. Is that a problem?
A. Not at all! Sign up so that you can see the events. And when naps and feedings align, show up for something.

Q. Is there something for dads of older kids?
A. DCMetroDads has been running for over a decade. While the playgroups tend to attract dads with younger kids, there are many members who have older children who you can connect with.