About Us

Daddyshome, Inc. - Helping Fathers Help Their Families

Providing education and social networking in the Washington D.C. Metro area, since 1998, Daddyshome, Inc. is a tax exempt corporation comprised of several localized sub-chapters, whose vision is to provide help and support to fathers who decide that being the primary caregiver for their children is the right choice for them and their families.

Started by just two dads in 1998, who decided to stay at home to care for their children, Daddyshome currently has three sub-chapters: NOVA Dads in Northern Virginia, Montgomery County Dads in Maryland, and Annapolis Dads also in Maryland. We encourage and will support endeavors to start new chapters, if none of these are in your reasonable proximity.

Daddyshome sponsors many activities, including playgroups, social networking, Dads Night Outs, education via our website and email lists, a national stay-at-home dads convention, and family activities. We also aim to help fathers cope with the sense of isolation that many feel because of the choice to stay at home with their children, to dispel the negative stigma attached to fathers who want only to help their families in the best way they can, and to be a voice for stay-at-home fathers. We hope to erase the days where a father is looked upon with suspicion when they are with their kids at the local playground, and is in fact celebrated as someone who is doing work that has a real and positive impact on the future of our world.

It's easy to join. Just go to our homepage, and follow the links to join one of our groups. Once accepted to the group, you can send messages out to the rest of the members.  We keep it civil, but try not to discourage any topics, as it is our philosophy that at-home parents need to talk about many things and not just parenting.

To find out more, contact Mike Stilwell at fleetsuper@msn.com or Matt Vossler at mattvossler@comcast.net